10 Common Careers in Public Safety

10 Common Careers in Public Safety

10 Common Careers in Public Safety

Jobs in public safety are always in demand. If you’ve been interested in pursuing a career in public safety, you will first have to take classes in public safety management or some kind of similar training. Once you have the proper education, you may be interested in any one of these 10 common employment opportunities that contribute to the health and welfare of Americans every year. These rewarding jobs pay more than just monetary wages- they will provide you with a peace of mind that many career paths simply cannot offer. You may wish to attend a university or online college to prepare yourself for any number of these exciting jobs in the field of public safety.


Working in the field of emergency medical service is one of the most fulfilling jobs a person can do. They provide emergency medical care to individuals who’ve suffered injuries from car accidents, natural disasters or other life threatening incidents. EMS workers are often the first to respond to an emergency and are thoroughly trained in many aspects of urgent medical care. Being a paramedic is a common public safety career and they are always needed. Many who choose to work as ambulance paramedics gain considerable experience that can be applied to future careers in medicine.

Police Officer and Highway Patrol

Serve and protect by pursuing an honorable career as a police officer, highway patrol officer or even sheriff. These highly respected public safety specialists are always prepared to respond to emergencies and are trained to handle a wide array of potential dangers posed to their communities. CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) certification is required for this job like many other employment opportunities in public safety.

Correctional Officer

Correctional officers oversee the day to day functions of jails, juvenile detention facilities or other correctional institutions. Job responsibilities include ensuring the safe transportation of prisoners or detainees from custody to holding cells, improving safety among inmates in jail and providing ongoing surveillance of the facility to recognize potentially dangerous situations before they occur.

Animal Control

Animal lovers may wish to take up a job in animal control. Keep your communities safe by removing dangerous wild or domestic animals from the streets to improve public safety. Animal control specialists are also responsible for responding to allegations of animal abuse or mistreatment and may be called to safely remove a malnourished or abused animal from an owner’s custody.


Like so many who works in public safety, Firefighters are known for their courage and dedication to the communities they serve. Firefighters continue to play an integral role in emergency response to wildfires, motor vehicle accidents, residential fires and rescue operations.

Investigation Services

The FBI may be the first agency that comes to mind, but dedicated investigators are needed in many aspects of public safety. Fire investigators, child welfare workers and criminal detectives are just a few examples of careers that fall under this category.

Lawyer or other Court Careers

For the justice system to function correctly, lawyers, judges, court reporters and bailiffs are always essential. These careers can be financially rewarding, but the positive and often altruistic contributions made by those who work in the courtroom environment cannot be overlooked.

Forensic Work

Get involved in the more technical components of public safety by providing your talents to the field of forensics. Many local and federal agencies rely on forensic professionals to accurately evaluate crime scene evidence, perform DNA analyses and help investigators build their cases.


Not all public safety jobs require you to put yourself in dangerous situations. The brave men and women who work in the field of public safety rely heavily on individuals to properly catalog and organize a plethora of records. Ensuring the proper organization and accuracy of these records is essential to the effective coordination of public safety workers.

Security Guard

If you’re interested in working as a security guard, there are always businesses and facilities that need 24 hour security protection. This career can open many doors to other jobs in public safety, including law enforcement.

Help your community and get involved in its future by becoming a public safety professional. Consider contacting a university online for information on acquiring your degree in public safety to get started. Become a part of the most valued workforce in America today and start changing lives on day at a time.