Complex IT Environments: The Need For Transparent Access Management

Complex IT Environments: The Need For Transparent Access Management

Complex IT Environments: The Need For Transparent Access Management

Identity & Access management is one of the most important and relevant aspects for organizations around the world. A big number of data breaches and corporate leaks can be linked to internal factors, and ‘insider threats’ are not always intentional either. Matters are even more complex, primarily because the IT environment in which a company operates is usually hybrid, which means that it relies on both on-premise infrastructure and cloud solutions. Ensuring that right people have access to the right information is necessary, and that’s exactly where terms like cloud identity management becomes so relevant.

What can a comprehensive identity and access suite offer?

A comprehensive identity & access tool is meant to establish a system for simplifying data access and use across hybrid IT environments. The management will be able to ensure that people within the organization have access to the information and data they need at a given point of time, and all user rights are defined, checked and accounted for. Such tools help companies in managing and governing users and their access to various data resources and apps, besides keeping a tab on all cloud resources. Depending on the tool you select, such an identity suite can be synced with options like Azure AD, so that cloud user management is easier.

Benefits at a glance

The foremost reason to invest in Identity & Access management tools is to have a system that can operate and function within the complicated hybrid IT environment. Such systems allow companies to have complete control on how data and resources are used, and most of the insider threats can be minimized. Companies are expected to train people for data usage and how resources are accessed, and that’s only possible when roles and data access rules are defined, which gets easier with such a suite. Another advantage of Identity & Access management tool is easy reporting and auditing joker. Compliance is an aspect that needs attention, and even small lapses can have consequences, which extend beyond financial losses and fines. Businesses need to find means and ways of reducing errors within the organization, and IAM just helps with that.

Reviewing Identity & Access management suites can be confusing, but there are a few basic aspects that must be considered. The list includes scalability of the tool, ease of use, interface, and deployment processes, and a good IAM tool should be also affordable for the enterprise.