Getting Pest Management Right

Getting Pest Management Right

Getting Pest Management Right

Pest management is a topic that is kept quiet among those in the food industry, but it is crucial to have a plan in place to manage the issue.

Proactive businesses have a system in place for preventing disease-carrying pests from accessing their food, explained Food Mag.

The Australian Environment Pest Managers Association (APEMA) recently developed a guide to help firms understand what good pest management entails. The guide sets KPIs that food manufacturers can use to measure the effectiveness of their processes.

Suppliers to food manufacturers such as packaging companies are also included in the guide, to help shore up standards throughout the supply chain.

It’s hoped that the guide will also prevent disputes between food manufacturers and pest controllers by setting clear standards that firms should operate with and explaining why.

Food manufacturers are also encouraged to be more proactive as it is cheaper to prevent a pest problem than it is to treat one.