The Importance of Retirement Lessons Learned

Mee Chan


The Importance of Retirement Lessons Learned

One day, a long time ago, we watched people planning vacations and were able to plan for their future with 401K’s/Retirement Accounts.

Well, that was then, now we need to look at a not so promising future where due to the recession our 401K Retirement funds have been hit and hit hard due to our economic times. People have lost so much due to our economic situation that they may not have that dream of retiring like days of past.

Why you can ask yourselves, look back at 2006 when things looked great, people were buying homes, taking vacations, buying cars and spending money. Everyone wants bigger and better keeping up with the Jones. Then 2007 the rug was pulled out from every ones feet. No more spending money! We are now in a recession! The market fell people lost thousands to hundred of thousands of dollars from their accounts, we even bailed out big companies, while the average person is now looking at their 401K’s/Retirement accounts and asking how, why, and when can I retire.

It’s so hard in our economic times to save, but people are not used to saving their money, just spending it. They say “I’ll start saving tomorrow”, we put things off, we procrastinate, we need to stop complaining about it and take action. The American dream “buy a house and watch your home go up in value” is GONE! Today we owe more than our homes are worth. So now what can we teach our children from our mistakes, start saving now for your dreams. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can start today. Let’s bring back those dreams for our children. Let’s teach them to save and to invest in their 401k’s/ retirement accounts that sometimes is been offered where they work. Teach them to start early with investing in their future, so they can again live the American dream enjoy their retirement and not worrying or struggling like most of us are now. Build your future, live your dreams, start early and make your dreams possible.

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