Lisbon Portugal HD Wallpapers

Lisbon Portugal HD Wallpapers

Lisbon Portugal HD Wallpapers

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. Lisbon city one of the most beautiful European cities, but also European capitals. It is a wonderful old European civilization landmarks.

Lisbon city Wallpaper HD of the most famous cities of Europe, luxury and beauty because of its this wonderful city of charm and beauty of old monuments, not only that but there are many tourist places of the city attracts tourists from around the world to visit this wonderful city. Lisbon, Portugal, has been selected as the capital of the State of Portugal for nearly sixty years almost.

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Lisbon city HD Wallpapers is Portugal’s largest city in terms of area and population as well. There Lisbon city in the south-west and south-west of the state of Europe as well. Portugal is made up of eighteen province, the largest of these are the provinces of Lisbon.

What distinguishes the Portuguese city of Lisbon is its geographical location being situated on the Atlantic coast where it has a beautiful beach hd wallpapers of the most beautiful beaches of the European continent.

Frequented tourists each year to the city of Lisbon to visit its beach is beautiful. City of Lisbon City of great international fame in the world, not only Europe.

Climate in the city of Lisbon in moderate summer heat tends to but distinct and appropriate and better than many of the tourist cities. In winter the weather is cool in the city of Lisbon, cool at night and warm during the day.