Make a Fortune off Computer Consoles

Make a Fortune off Computer Consoles

Make a Fortune off Computer Consoles

Computer consoles aren’t seen as the most valuable tools for productivity and have the capability to ensure both kids and adults alike waste considerable portions of their time. However, there is something that is actually very useful in video games and it involves shrewdness and business thinking. Selling your old computer games is a great way to make money and in an age when the type of video games we play has steered somewhat away from the traditional, classic kinds, there is no better time to engage in the market Slot88. Here are some computer consoles that can fetch you more than a few pounds.

A Brand New Nintendo 64 Console

Most tech gamers wrapped in an essence of nostalgia will tell you that the best games console ever was the Nintendo 64. This was the console that brought us the legendary Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Goldeneye, Fifa World Cup 98, Perfect Dark and a plethora of other sheer classic titles.

A brand new Nintendo 64 console can fetch you over £300 and potentially around £400 if you’re lucky. If you happen to have any in even near brand new condition lying about, you’re in for happy days!

Nintendo DS

These days the nature of handheld video games has changed dramatically. Consoles are connected to the internet, while smartphones have themselves turned into platforms to host a range of games.

The Nintendo DS was arguably the first early handheld video games console that moved away from the old classic, Game Boy type devices. It is the platform that connected with both kids and adults and the one that brought a strong educational emphasis on video gaming.

I tried to sell my old Nintendo DS last year and was offered £30 for it. Now on Amazon the Nintendo DS is going for £50. My bet is that this time next year the price would’ve gone up a tenner or so, and by 2020 it’ll be worth well over a hundred.

Playstation One Console

For every technological craze there is usually a competitor, a rival threatening its dominance. Thus while many of us were infatuated with our Nintendo 64s, others were keenly enthralled with their Playstation Ones. Now while many rightly argued that Nintendo 64s were the better consoles, a few others held a strong affiliation with the Playstation One that has left with them a strong sense of nostalgia with the console.

Now in business terms, nostalgia means money, and a brand new Playstation One console can be sold for around £100.

If you have any of the special edition blue versions, than these can be sold at around £250 even if it isn’t brand new.