SEO Right From The Start

SEO Right From The Start

SEO Right From The Start

SEO (search engine optimization) has certainly come a long way. From it’s humble beginnings to it’s complicated workings today, SEO is an important part of your website design and your marketing efforts as well.

According to Search Engine Journal, getting the top position on Google’s search results has never been so important.

The most important thing is keeping SEO in mind when building your website so that right from the start, you’re ahead of the rest:

  • Keywords. Keywords are an important element of any SEO campaign. You want to have a list of top level and long tail terms that describe your business and it’s offerings. Use Google keyword tool, Market Samurai, Moz and Google search to compile a list of keywords you’re happy with.
  • Using the Keywords. Keywords must be used in your website’s title title tags, keywords and meta descriptions, domain and graphic descriptions.
  • Navigation. Use well ordered semantics with your links and internal navigation systems to ensure that when Google’s bots crawl through your website, it understands what’s there.