Signs You Need an Assistant

Signs You Need an Assistant

Signs You Need an Assistant

People should watch for the key signs that they need an assistant, said The Daily Worth’s Sandy Fernandez.

There’s lots of hard work, but few results

People often get stuck into a flood of administrative tasks with out getting their core work done. When this happens, it’s time to consider outsourcing.

Deadlines get missed

When deadlines are missed, it’s usually because the person has too much work on. Missed deadlines can sink a small business as clients need to trust that the business can deliver on its promises. Hiring a project manager or assistant can help with managing deadlines and allocating work more effectively.

Same parts of the job are uninteresting

People should consider outsourcing the parts of their business they don’t enjoy or are not good at. For instance, many people in creative roles don’t enjoy working with balance sheets and profit and loss statements, so may consider bringing in a financial expert to handle those tasks. Another option for employers is to enlist the services of a virtual assistant, who are able to take care of certain tasks from a remote location.