How to Make Your Creative Dreams a Reality

Mee Chan


How to Make Your Creative Dreams a Reality

If you are creatively minded you will no doubt know how exciting that moment is when you get a spark of inspiration and your creative juices start to flow. But getting to that moment is not an exact science.

Fast Company provided the examples below to help you reach the jumping of point:

Follow your heart

People need to affirm the voice in their head that says they can do it. It’s important to ignore excuses and procrastination and just begin.

Turn big goals into baby steps

A project will progress better if you set yourself deadlines. It’s best to just think about the next milestone ahead rather than the end-goal.

Use creative rituals

Everyone has their creativity stoked by different factors. Some people work best late at night, others during the day. Some need a glass of wine, others a block of chocolate. It’s important to find out what works and make it a part of the process.

Say no

Following a passion means saying no to many other things, including some work and personal pursuits.

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